Saturday, 14 January 2017


Cyclists using the roadside path from the Harrington Bridge to Donnington may have noticed some new tarmac at a gateway opposite the new Aldi site. An improvement. But it wasn’t done for cyclists. Beyond the gates will be a large construction compound in use 24 hours a day. Costain Galliford will use it whilst extending the Smart Motorway scheme from Jctn 25 to 23A. This will take two years, cost £120 million and resemble the M1 we now see north of Jctn 25. Four lanes, no hard shoulder, more signs to read and many cameras. There will be a lot of activity close to the houses near the M1, plenty of lane closures and lowered speed limits during the project. The plans do include improved and replacement sound barriers. A Google search for M1 junctions 23A 25 smart motorway should lead to RoadsHighways.Gov. with more details. If you need a job and you are good with tarmac you may get lucky.

Leopold Street

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