Saturday, 1 July 2017


Disco Dave with the white hat on and his mates
In this weeks games John Thompson was playing Craig Gapper. Craig dominated the game from the start but could not finish, this gave John Thompson one chance and he took it very well with some excellent pots. All Craig Gapper could do was look on and when John potted the black ball to win the game all Craig could do was stand there and shake his head knowing he had thrown away a vital game.
Richard Derbyshire had a brilliant win over Mick Archer and all Mick  could say to Richard was well played. In one of the doubles matches you had champions of two years ago Dave Price and Craig Gapper playing Tonie Barry and John Smith. This game was a very tactical affair and went down to the last two colours one red ball and one yellow ball and with Dave Price and Craig Gapper on the yellow balls Craig Gapper stepped up and took his shot and put the yellow ball half way over the corner pocket with the the red ball twelve inches directly behind. John smith walked over to Tonie Barry and said I can pot that yellow ball by coming off the top cushion if I do it will leave you a long black ball to pot John Smith got down to take his shot and potted the yellow ball and left a long black ball for Tonie Barry. Tonie Barry got down eyed up her shot took her time and yes she potted a brilliant black ball. What a big cheer went up but the look on Craig Gapper and Dave Price was doom and gloom to know that losing could cost them a place in the final of the doubles.
Mr lady Luck Rob Powell did not play lady's due to being on Holiday again. Yes Holiday again this time he had gone to Whitby so with Disco Dave being on his own he bought some of his pals down to support him hoping he could win his game but the problem was he was playing John Smith who is in top form. In this game Disco Dave Broke off and potted a red ball from the break as the ball went down the pocket a cheer went up but that was the one and only cheer he got all that game due to him not getting another shot. Yes Disco Dave lost his game against John Smith, so Disco Dave you cannot win when Mr Lady Luck Rob Powell is not there and you cannot win when you bring your mates down to support you, what's next then.

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